Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased the conference recordings package. When do I get my recordings?

On October 20, 2018, 10 AM EST, you will receive an email from us with the link to access the conference recordings – video interviews (mp4), audios (mp3) as well as the speaker bonuses with a download feature inside our members-only area. Watch your inbox for all the details on how to access and download.

Want to have the conference interviews and speaker bonuses? Click here to order yours!

What time is the Going Beyond The Food Project and where do I go to listen?

Make sure that you have registered for the Going Beyond the Food Project 2018 to receive the email that contains the link to the broadcast page where you can watch the interviews. Not registered yet? REGISTER HERE!

Every interview will be broadcasted for FREE for 48 hours.

You may go to  to check the date when the speakers are presenting.

If you’re outside of North America, check out this tool to convert to your local time zone!

The audio is not loading or is stopping part-way through. What's the deal?

If your audio stream gets interrupted, please try refreshing the page and hitting play again. We recommend either Firefox or Chrome for the best playback experience.

When I purchase, what format will the interview recordings be in?

The audio and video files will be delivered via download in mp3 and mp4 format, respectively.

Will the Going Beyond The Food Project Online Conference recordings play on my iPad or iPhone?


You can also tune in on your desktop or laptop computer with a robust browser (Firefox or Chrome).

Will there be a free replay if I can't listen live?

Each interview will be available for free streaming for 48 hours after the LIVE start time. After the 48 hours, the interview will be archived with the others and made available for purchase in the full conference Upgraded Package!

What's the difference between Free and Paid?

We’re proud to be able to present the live event for FREE to people around the world during the online conference! If you’d like to own a copy of the conference, we offer the package for purchase at the lowest price prior to the start of the conference.

If you decide to purchase after the conference you will pay a little more, still a great deal for all the interviews, presentations, handouts, bonus offers and more. By purchasing the full Going Beyond The Food Project, you will have access for a lifetime via your personal login and password. Get the Upgraded Package now!

How do I login to the access area once I purchase The Upgraded Package?

You should receive a welcome email from with your login credentials shortly after you purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder in case the email is in there.

Alternatively, you can visit the Upgraded Package site at and click the “lost your password?” link to have your password reset sent using your email address.

I cannot see what I am looking for inside my membership area. What can I do?

Please use the contact form below this page with a description of what you are looking for and as much details as you can share. A screenshot would be very helpful as well.

What do I do if my password doesn’t work?

You can visit our membership site on and select the “lost your password?” link to reset your password using your email address.

If you attempt to log in with the wrong password more than 3times, you will be locked out for a few hours to prevent attacks on the servers. Try logging in again in a few hours.

If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in after this step, then please e-mail us at and a member of our support team will assist you within 1 business day.


There’s an issue with the site (e.g. something isn’t loading or I can’t see my products), what should I do?

If you have trouble accessing any of your purchased materials on the site, please use the contact form below this page so we can troubleshoot the issue. In your message, please include the URL relevant to the issue and as much information as you can share, i.e. browser and/or device you are using when you experienced this complication and any error messages you may have received.

Why can’t I access the site?

We’re sorry to hear that you can’t access our site. Please ensure that you entered the correct login details sent to you via the welcome email after your purchase of the Upgraded Package. You may also want to check your Internet connection is stable during your login.

If all is good, but you still cannot enter the members-only area, please email and a member of our team will help troubleshoot the issue within 1 business day.

I lost my password. What should I do?

If you lost your password, go to the login page and click the “Lost your password?” link which is right below the login button. You will be prompted to enter your username or email address. After entering your username or email address, you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

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