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When you register today, you’ll gain INSTANT access to the following free gift:

When you register today, you’ll gain INSTANT access to the following free gift:

How To Change Any Eating Habits
(Specifically the One Sabotaging You!)

In this free audio training to learn three simple strategies that’ll give you the consistency and confidence to change your eating habits without willpower.

In this free 1 hour audio training you’ll learn why what the weight loss and fitness industry is telling us is leading us straight to frustration and failure. Using willpower and discipline is not the solution.

What I’ve found is that even though WHAT we eat is important part of our health, it is not what has the most influence on our food choices, IT goes well Beyond The Food.

We must understand WHY we eat and HOW we eat so that What we eat can be easy and natural.

This is what you’ll learn in this free Audio training.

Liz Jennings

I have never felt so free of food and its hold on me.

Piera Diab Accountant

I will carry this with me for years to come.

Hanka Valaskova

This is really a game-changer!

The Going Beyond The Food Project

You will learn all the information you need to:

Identify the root cause reason WHY you eat

Learn new approaches How to eat consciously

Transform your relationship to your body
Move beyond body image struggles

Overcome binge eating behaviors naturally

Discover how to stop overeating easily

Change your emotional eating behaviors to serve you

Understand why weight management is not the solution to be healthy

Discover cutting-edge approach to be healthy beyond diet

Leverage the power of neuroscience to change your mindset

Transform your mindset to claim your food freedom

If food hasn’t been going the way you’ve planned, know this: It’s not your fault, you aren’t broken. Your host, Clinical Nutritionist Stephanie Dodier, has helped thousands of women change their relationship to food, including herself. She dieted for 20+ years until she decided to Go Beyond The Food for solutions. She’s been there too! Join us to learn so much more!


Dr. Debi Silber


How Your Biggest Crisis Reveals Your Greatest Gift

What You'll Learn
  • Determine if betrayal is the reason why you are struggling now
  • How to move forward from betrayal
  • How turning your crisis and betrayal into gifts and opportunity

Shawn Mynar


The Power Of Positive Thinking

What You'll Learn
  • How our thoughts translate into actions
  • Noticing the thoughts that keep you stuck
  • Turning your thoughts around to get what you want

Dr. Heather Paulson

Naturopathic Oncologist

The 5 Layers of Healing: The Secret to Healing that Moves Beyond Food

What You'll Learn
  • What the 5 Layers of Healing are
  • Why people get stuck in certain layers of healing
  • The key to long term health and healing

Bridgit Danner


How Toxins Are Making You Fat

What You'll Learn
  • How toxins disrupt your weight
  • Most important first step in detoxing
  • How to detox your body

Leanne Vogel

Nutrition Educator

Breaking the Restriction Mindset

What You'll Learn
  • Leanne's healing journey from food restriction
  • Are you a food restrictor?
  • How to stop restricting food while still achieving your goals
  • Is it possible to eat a specific lifestyle and not restrict food?

Holly Bertone


How Breast Cancer was the Gift I Never Expected

What You'll Learn
  • My story from breast cancer diagnosis to "I Do"
  • What breast cancer taught me about self-esteem while being engaged
  • Food choices during cancer treatment

Dr. Joan Rosenberg


Emotional Mastery: How 90 Seconds Changes Your Relationship to Food and You

What You'll Learn
  • Key elements of the 90 Second approach
  • Importance of speaking to eating challenges
  • The link between anxiety and unpleasant feelings

Katie Garces

Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nutritionist

Intuitive Eating & Spirituality: How cultivating a spiritual practice helped me find myself and intuitively eat

What You'll Learn
  • Being type A/very controlling, I thought I could always "control" my diet, my weight, and my life
  • Everything works till it doesn't: how to recognize this when it occurs and let those things go (as opposed to hold on with a death-grip, often to our own detriment)
  • What is a "spiritual practice" or "spiritual connection" and how can it help you with #2 (And it's not always what you think! We don't have to be afraid or uncomfortable with the idea of "spirituality")

Alex Golden and Megan Blacksmith

MD and FDN

How to Use Your Cycle to Your Advantage

What You'll Learn
  • Why understanding your female cycle is important for health
  • The 4 phases of your cycle and the natural flow of hormones
  • The importance of testing, not guessing with hormone balancing

Valencia Porter

Integrative & Preventive Medical Physician

It's Not What You're Eating, Its What's Eating You: Cultivating a Resilient Body-Mind

What You'll Learn
  • Identifying the emotional imbalances underlying your cravings
  • Mind-body techniques to rebalance quickly and re-set your habits
  • 4 steps to turn off toxic thoughts

Tricia Nelson

Emotional Eating Expert

Heal Your Hunger: End Emotional Eating and Feel in Control Around Food

What You'll Learn
  • How to differentiate between physical and emotional hunger
  • 3 Hidden causes of emotional eating and how to heal them
  • How to manage stress before it drives you to the kitchen

Dr. Linda Craighead

Professor of Psychology

How to "listen" to your stomach and reclaim control over your eating

What You'll Learn
  • Understanding the difference between hunger versus the desire to eat
  • Why eat like a baby
  • What you can get from your regret episodes
  • Why you should eat below the neck

Rosa Rago

Self Love Coach and Body Intuitive


What You'll Learn
  • Understand self love and intention and authentic is connecting to inner happiness
  • How to develop a daily practice of self love, intention and authenticity
  • Common struggles to accept and to put into practice

Matt Gersper

Mr. Happy Living

Turning Inspiration Into Action

What You'll Learn
  • Positive change is possible
  • The power to change comes from within
  • It's never too late to start

Carolyn Ross MD

Eating Disorder and Addiction Expert

Trends and Controversies for Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating

What You'll Learn
  • Connection between your gut and your brain
  • How to optimize your Microbiome to enhance your relationship to food
  • Gut health Solutions

Dr. Rhona Epstein

Psy.D., C.A.C.

Overcome the power food has in your life to live fully satisfied!

What You'll Learn
  • Food addiction is real
  • Freedom is possible
  • Recovery is mind, body, and spirit transformation- not just a diet

Brendon Lundberg

President/CEO, Radiant Pain Relief Centres

What Do Credit Card Debt, Your Mother-in-Law, and Chronic Pain Have In Common?

What You'll Learn
  • The scientific understanding of pain has changed significantly in recent years
  • Chronic pain is actually a problem of the brain, not the tissue
  • Tools to better understand and manage chronic pain

Dr. Kasia Kines

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Hidden Epidemic of EBV: its Impact on Your Relationship with Food

What You'll Learn
  • What is EBV?
  • How does EBV impact our relationship to food
  • The danger of food obsession and orthorexia when healing

Chris Bjorndal

Naturopathic Doctor

Moving Beyond The Label

What You'll Learn
  • What is a medical label
  • Is it possible to overcome mental health diagnosis?
  • The process to overcome the labeling of disease
  • How to tame the inner critic

Bitten Jonsson

RN, Sugar Addiction Specialist

Is sugar addiction a brain illness?

What You'll Learn
  • The difference between harmful use and addiction of sugar/flour
  • The importance of doing SUGAR interview
  • What sugar addiction is

Stephanie Dodier

Clinical Nutritionist

Body Neutrality: Empowering women to be ok with their body & food

What You'll Learn
  • It's ok to be ok with your body
  • The crticial differece between body neutrality and body postivity
  • The unknown side effect of poor body image


Stephanie Dodier is a Nutritionist, Emotional Eating Expert, Founder of the Beyond The Food Academy and Host of The Beyond the Food Show.

Stephanie’s integrative and comprehensive approach helps women change eating habits and free themselves from diets and food obsession without willpower.

The “Going Beyond the Food” is the revolutionary movement that is geared towards changing the way women relate to food and their body. It’s about ditching the diet mindset, transforming relationship to food and their body to feel good for good right now.

Stephanie has been there, too. She was inspired to do this work and that’s how the Going Beyond The Food Movement was born. Her health journey began 7 years ago while working as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. After collapsing on stage she was diagnosed with multiple chronic condition and she went on a search to find solution. She found her passion and redirected her natural leadership ability to inspire women to transform their relationship to food & body and ultimately themselves.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing her journey with other women while educating and empowering them to reconnect with their own “internal nutritionist”. Stephanie believe that empowerment start with education and this is how Going Beyond the Food Project was born two years ago. Women can take the next steps in their journey via the Going Beyond the Food Academy, an online platform.

There is EVEN MORE in store for you!


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21+ interviews (in both mp4 video and mp3 audio format) $597 value

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What are the areas that are draining your energy? Here are 16 of the biggest energy drains to take note of. See which ones are affecting you. These drains are affecting every area of life from your mindset, to your health, relationships, work and so much more and for some reason, although you keep trying, you find that you’re just not getting a break or seeing much progress. Plus, a tool to get you started in making the changes!

By Dr. Debi Silber,

HEALTH IN STRENGTH: Home Workout Program

So you want to get strong and healthy, huh? Good for you! You won't regret making this commitment. By taking action now, you will gain the mental and physical strength to feel awesome again and for years to come.

By Shawn Mynar,

Living a G.R.E.A.T. Life

Living a G.R.E.A.T. Life™ is where I recommend everyone start to reduce their cancer risk.

By Dr. Heather Paulson,
Naturopathic Oncologist

You'll Learn:

A unique five-step formula for reducing your cancer risk

Exercise routines

Mindfulness practices

How to use food as medicine including easy to follow recipes

Which labs to talk about with your doctor

How to identify and remove cancer causing chemicals in your home

High Energy detox morning

5-minute Morning Detox Routine to Energize Your Day. In this guide, I’ll focus a few things you can do in the morning that can shift your day.

By Bridgit Danner,

Coconut Head's Cancer Survival Guide - My Journey from Diagnosis to "I Do"

Holly Bertone was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 39th birthday, and was engaged two days later. Follow Holly's year-long journey from diagnosis and engagement to being sick and bald on her wedding day.

By Holly Bertone,

Ever feel stuck with the way you view yourself?

The Emotional Mastery Series, an excerpt from Dr. Joan Rosenberg’s new book: 90 Seconds to a Life You Love talks about the role of compliments in solidifying confidence in individuals. It gives a clear perspective why you should accept compliment the next time you hear one and why taking compliments is so hard for many

By Dr. Joan Rosenberg,

Detox Skincare Guide

Whether you’ve been struggling with skin issues for a long time or know that you need a lot of help with detoxification, this skin care guide is for you. This guide will walk you through both the internal and external fundamentals for supporting your body’s detox pathways for better skin health.

By Alex Golden, MD and Megan Blacksmith, FDN

How to Stop Emotional Eating, Lose Weight and Feel at Peace with Your Body

In this powerful training you will learn about the underlying causes of your out-of-control eating and how a simple, proven system can help you start living in freedom RIGHT NOW. Learn about the personality profile of the emotional eater and what steps you can take to start snuffing out food cravings TODAY.

By Tricia Nelson,
Emotional Eating Expert

HELP! I Want to Eat!

There are many reasons why you might want to eat: hunger, regularly scheduled mealtimes, food is available, or emotions. This easy-to-follow flow chart will guide you through the different steps the next time you have an urge to eat to figure out why you want to eat and make conscious decision in the process.

By Linda Craighead,
Professor of Psychology

Turning Inspiration Into Action

In order to change your life, you must change who you are and what you do. You must figure out HOW you will bring change into your life. Read these seven pages BEFORE listening to Matt's talk.

By Matt Gersper,
Mr. Happy Living

5 Steps to Recovery from Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating

With this e-book, you will find yourself more able to express your true, authentic self without having to worry about your size or what other people think of you. By working on your food and weight issues on a deeper level, you can expect your healing to also be deeper and more sustainable.

By Dr. Carolyn Ross,
Eating Disorder and Addiction Expert


Satisfied is designed for anyone seeking to change the way they relate to food, from those simply looking for healthier food behaviors, to those deeply struggling with food addiction and abuse, the practical time-tested strategies and tools in this book can ensure that food takes it's proper place in your life.

By Dr. Rhona Epstein,
Psy.D., C.A.C.

Tips & Tools To Help Shift Pain: In Radiant Relief

A revolutionary pain-management method that doesn't include drugs, needles, surgery, or side effects. Combining recent science, innovative thinking, and business disruption, they are ready to transform the way chronic pain is understood and treated with the safest, most effective therapy targeted to alleviate complicated conditions.

By Brendon Lundberg,
President/CEO, Radiant Pain Relief Centres

2 Bonuses

Delicious and Simple Secrets For an EBV Healing Kitchen - Things you can immediately do today in 5 minutes right after reading it that can help you feel better physically and help prevent EBV reactivations

Must-Watch Pearls from the Gluten-Free Aisle - I will walk you through my take on gluten-free section on any store. A guide on how to get great finds in grocery stores, what you need to pay attention to and what to avoid.

By Dr. Kasia Kines,
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

The Essential Diet: Eating for Mental Health

A great place to start when you want to regain your mental health using nutrition. It answers the question "But I don't know what to eat?" - that people often have when they need to make diet changes to support their health. It provides a two week menu plan, grocery lists and a nutritional analysis from a macro and micronutrient perspective. It is a helpful resource to have at your finger tips

By Dr. Chris Bjorndal,
Naturopathic Doctor

4 Steps to Turn Off Your Toxic Thoughts

Have you ever noticed that the thoughts that are milling around in your mind are sometimes not the type that are kind, loving, and nurturing? And often they are totally untrue? Wherever they came from, persistently listening to these toxic thoughts is not supportive for your own health and wellbeing and it’s time to shut them off! Here are 4 steps to turn off your toxic thoughts and be amazed at what these simple steps can do toward achieving your goals!

By Dr. Valencia Porter,
Integrative & Preventive Medical Physician

Biochemical repair is very helpful to go through sugardetox

Our bodies are not made to handle a lot of carbohydrates. So many of us have mistreated our bodies for many years, but we need to do some minor repairs in a way that increases our energy. Many of us feel low, tired, miserable, foggy brain, depressed when we get off sugar. In this training, you will be equipped with simple tools to enhance that process and make it simpler for us to do it in an environment that is not supportive of the change we want to achieve.

By Bitten Jonsson,
RN, Sugar Addiction Specialist


5 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make When Changing Eating Habits

How To Stop Overeating Without Willpower And Discipline

Going Beyond The Food Intuitive Eating Guide

By Stephanie Dodier,
Clinical Nutritionist

You'll Learn:


The one surprising mindset shift you can make that can reduce stress eating significantly

Why more restrictions aren’t always what you need

The story of how one women shifted her approach and achieved her goals in the process

The surprising truth about emotional eating

The intuitive eating guide include The Going Beyond The Food Method powerful framework and the exact step by step process on to eat intuitively with success

Grounding Meditation

Food is emotional. And food is grounding! So, when we can learn to ground ourselves; mind, body, spirit, with other mechanisms, we become less likely to 'use' food to feed our emotions or help us feel grounded. It's amazing what even a few minutes can do to change our mood and the trajectory or our day!

By Katie Garces,
Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nutritionist


Get LIFETIME ACCESS to these talks! You can watch them online or download them to your own computer or device anytime.

21+ interviews (in both mp4 video and mp3 audio format) $597 value

Plus, access to all purchase bonuses! $2100+ value

TOTAL VALUE: $2,697 worth of materials, bonuses, and information

Get access to talks you simply can't bear missing

Be able to retain and re-watch this life-changing information so you can listen while exercising, commuting, or cleaning

Prefer listening to audios? They're all in the package!

Share this info with friends, family and health professionals

Access to bonus eGuides, eBooks and more from our panel of experts, teachers!

The Complete Going Beyond The Food Project Collection

Debra Zupo

An empowering and compassionate program!

It is an empowering and compassionate program, and something which I think that most people can benefit from.

Kim Burke

It comes from a place of self-love

Dietary approach - What do I have to eat/not eat today? (comes from a place of stress and eventually causes mental fatigue). The Beyond the Food Method – what can I do to nourish my body/soul/mind today… comes from a place of self-love and increases energy and motivation.

Laurie Cromie Author

I have been struggling with this for decades!

The information that you shared was life-changing for me. I have asked several therapists about stopping uncontrollable late night munchies. They’ve all offered up some truly unhelpful advice like “try having a protein shake” or “get those big chewy pretzels that take a long time to eat” (&%^ to both of those, am I right?)

I was blown away when you were talking in-depth about getting to the root of the craving. I’m tearing up thinking about it because I have been struggling with this for decades!

Melissa McNeil

It’s a big shift in my mindset

Removing the restrictions has been helpful.

You will get LIFETIME ACCESS to all 21+ interview videos, audios, and Speaker Bonuses

Originally $297

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